Re: wireless hardware disable switch forbids the use of external wifi cards

Aside from your NM feature request, I would suggest either a. blacklisting the the faulty wifi driver so the card does not load(as long as your other wifi card does not rely on the same driver) or b.physically remove the buggy wifi card from your computer if you are no longer using it.


On Thu, Feb 12, 2009 at 8:51 PM, Robert Lazzurs <rob lazzurs net> wrote:


Would it not make more sense for the hardware switch to turn all wireless devices off by default but then allow NetworkManager to turn each device on if required, like an override.

The reason I suggest this is some people will expect that hardware switch to turn off all radio equipment in the device to compily with rules such as those on aircraft.

IMHO of course, take care.

On 13 Feb 2009, 12:54 AM, "Mikhail Zakharov" <mzakharo gmail com> wrote:

Hi, I have a really bad internal wireless card. If I disable it and try
to use an external PCIMCA card, the network manager will not let me do
this since wireless option is automatically disabled based on the switch
state. I was wondering whether anyone has noted this, since imho this is
a serious issue. Why can't we have a per device control like in windows,
where each network adaptor has its own set of enable/disable controls. A
quick solution to this problem would be I think to revert to Nm 0.6
behaviour, where hardware switch did not affect the software state and
everything worked fine. If anyone has worked on a patch that does this,
please let me know. Thanks, Mikhail

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