Re: Simplifying the Connections Editor

On Tuesday 10 February 2009, Dan Williams wrote:
>On Tue, 2009-02-10 at 19:28 +0100, Fanen Ahua wrote:
>> Someone called me up today asking me how to configure a manual IP
>> address in Ubuntu 8.10.
>> He was most likely intimidated by the naming of the tabs in the
>> connection editor dialog.
>> Won't it be better to make the "IPv4 Settings" tab the first thing, and
>> rename it to something more familiar, "Settings" perhaps?
>> This makes sense because nearly everytime I use the dialog, I only
>> change the connection name, and input the IP details, and the only tab I
>> use is the "IPv4 Setings" tab, where i choose the manual method, and
>> input the DNS servers.
>So when we add the IPv6 tab, then what? :)
Then what Dan, is a decent tut on setting up the local networks ipv6 addresses 
using no intervention from dhcp.  It may be around, I haven't looked for it 
yet, but from the lack of posted links I'm getting the impression that it 
doesn't exist in a human readable form.  With the switchover looming to take 
place yet within my life if I'm lucky, it seems to me that ipv6 somehow has 
this shroud on invisibility over it.  Those of use using 192.168 based home 
networks need to be able to figure out how to set this up ahead of time so we 
aren't caught in a no mans land when the switch is done.

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