Re: Where and how to install D02HW in ConnectionManager?

> You should be able to enter the correct configuration information 
> into the connection editor and be able to select it from the 
> menu.  If you select the other Japanese operator and then change 
> the APN and whatever after the connection is created, does that 
> work?
> dan

The direct approach? That was what I tried at first, but I don't
have any access to what is happening at the transport level, either
with pon or with ConnectionManager. Right now the only debugging
information I have is the little light on the D02HW, which only has
a few statuses. Based on my observations, I think that
ConnectionManager is not actually making any attempt to open the
connection. Obviously, if I knew how to do it, I would like to see
what is being sent to the D02HW with pon and compare that to what is
going out via ConnectionManager.

I miss the "simple" days of the Hayes modem commands with various
extensions. However, at least I have the excuse to recycle my
favorite joke of those days gone by:

Yip yip yip yip yip yip BANG


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