Re: IP4Config and routes

On Wed, 2009-12-16 at 17:22 -0800, Dan Williams wrote:
> The default route is controlled internally by NM; it should never be
> part of the connection settings.  Does your multicast routing need to be
> different than the default route?

There is no default route created for link-local connections. And if
there were, I suspect this isn't always what you want, e.g. see

However, if the default route was created, I'd be happy and our bug
would go away. There would be no need to create a multicast route. (I
was just taking that approach as thats what happens when Sugar/NM-0.6
creates a simple mesh connection on XO-1 -- there is no default route,
but there is a multicast route)

You can reproduce this easily - just use nm-applet to create a
link-local adhoc wireless connection, run "route -n", and observe a lack
of default route.

I've found the piece of code that causes the routes property to be
ignored for link-local connections, it's in

We either need to rework that code to allow certain types of routes, or
get that default route created like you say. What do you think?


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