Re: NetworkManager doesn't recover from system crash

On Thu, 2009-12-10 at 03:36 -0200, José Queiroz wrote:
> Hi,
> A few minutes ago I had a crash in my notebook while it was asleep
> ("suspend to ram").
> After that, NM didn't came back, all managed network devices were deactivated.
> KDE-NM-applet were saying only "Network management is disabled". And,
> no matter how long I clicked over it, there were no clue on how to
> change that, I just couldn't re-enable it.
> After some digging, I found
> "/var/lib/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.state" this way:
> --------------------------------------------
> [main]
> NetworkingEnabled=false
> WirelessEnabled=true
> --------------------------------------------
> I edited the file, changing to "NetworkingEnabled=true", and restarted
> NM, and it magically started working again.
> Shouldn't KDE NM applet show me a way to re-enable NM? Is this an
> error in NM, or in KDE-NM-applet?

It's actually an artifact of how suspend/resume is currently being
handled, and how the "Enable networking" checkbox is currently being
handled.  They both tell NM to 'sleep' and 'wake', so if the machine
crashes in suspend/hibernate then yeah, it looks like we'll get to this
point.  We need to split these behaviors (user-initiated actions should
be saved, automatic ones should not) so that this doesn't happen.
Thanks for bringing this up.


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