NetworkManager doesn't recover from system crash


A few minutes ago I had a crash in my notebook while it was asleep
("suspend to ram").

After that, NM didn't came back, all managed network devices were deactivated.

KDE-NM-applet were saying only "Network management is disabled". And,
no matter how long I clicked over it, there were no clue on how to
change that, I just couldn't re-enable it.

After some digging, I found
"/var/lib/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.state" this way:



I edited the file, changing to "NetworkingEnabled=true", and restarted
NM, and it magically started working again.

Shouldn't KDE NM applet show me a way to re-enable NM? Is this an
error in NM, or in KDE-NM-applet?

I reproduced the problem right now on a Kubuntu 9.10 i386 virtual box:
- NM package version 0.8~a~git.20091209t012851.cbe313b-0ubuntu1~nmt~karmic
- plasma-widget-networkmanagement version 0.9~svn1029786+ag1-0ubuntu1
- kernel 2.6.31-15-generic

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