Re: IP4Config and routes

On Wed, 2009-12-16 at 12:40 +0000, Daniel Drake wrote:
> Hi,
> Ad-hoc networking is broken in Sugar because no route is created for
> multicast packets - this means the collaboration features do not work.
> I can see that I can specify routes in the IP4Config object 

I started guessing at some numbers and actually, I can't seem to get
this working at all.

With my latest guess, here is the object being returned by
NMSettingsConnection.GetSettings() on the user settings service:

{'802-11-wireless': {'band': 'bg', 'ssid': dbus.ByteArray("asfdsfg's
network"), 'mode': 'adhoc'}, 'connection': {'autoconnect': False,
'type': '802-11-wireless', 'id': "Auto asfdsfg's network", 'uuid':
'28cbb90800f37c775511a1eab45a834b53cb32a1'}, 'ipv4': {'routes': [[224,
4, 0, 0]], 'method': 'link-local'}}

There is no resulting entry in the routing table (checked by running
'route -n')

Even if I use an invalid value (such as a string) for routes, NM doesn't
complain, as if it is ignoring my routes key altogether. Am I missing
something obvious?


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