RE: Internet Connection Sharing

>Basically, you need an existing connection to the internet.  Then you create another "shared" connection that your other computers will access.  When you have both of those, >then NM will start dnsmasq and everything and NAT the "shared" connection to the main internet connection.
>If you've already got an internet connection, then just choose "Create new wireless network..." from the menu, type in the details, and it should set that new network up.  You >can then connect to that adhoc wifi network from other computers, and they will get IP addresses via DHCP from your machine.

Just to clarify, does nm actually instantiate a dhcp server, and create the subnet etc?
I don't have a dhcp server installed, but I do have dnsmasq installed.

I have a wired connection that has internet access through a firewall behind it, yet
nothing I do is making this connection sharing work:)


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