Re: Online Status Design

On Wed, 2009-12-02 at 18:03 +0000, Martin Owens wrote:
> Hello NetworkManager List,
> At the Ubuntu Developers Summit in Texas, we had a sit down and talk
> about the design and presentation of a status that would indicate to the
> user if they are actually online (rather than simply connected to a
> network)
> You can read more on the blueprint here, with wiki page linked from
> there:
> The sessions turned out to be very design driven, with no technical
> representation, no nm programmers. Which was a shame.

I don't have much to add yet that other people haven't already brought
up, but I do have one question.  What does Windows do here?  It's done
the "am I online" thing since Vista and earlier.  How does Windows tell?
Does Windows successfully report online status when behind a captive


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