Re: OpenSSH VPN support

On Fri, 2009-12-04 at 06:29 +0900, Daiki Ueno wrote:
> Hello!
> I created a VPN plugin to use the OpenSSH VPN.  It now basically works
> with the OpenSSH 5.1p1 server.  Current source code is available at:
> I would appreciate any comments on this.  The feature was formerly
> requested at:
> but there was no response.  I wonder whether it is worth going further.

Neat!  I'll take a look when I've got a bit of time.  The UI bits look
OK so far, and while I dislike the whole configure script thing it's
basically necessary for some configs and we can't get away from that.

A few suggestions:

1) May want to rename "Config script" to "Remote Setup Script"; UIs
usually shouldn't have any colloquialisms in them like "Config".

2) Perhaps add the method to the end of the Tunnel Method?  Like
"Point-to-Point (TUN)" and "Ethernet (TAP)" so that it's clearer for
people who know how things happen underneath

3) Is there any way we can figure out what pub/priv keys to use?  When I
just ssh to a random host, ssh can find the keys I need to use.  Could
we do that here, and provide the ability to use specific keys as an
"Advanced" option?

All in all, looks great, I'll look more at the src/* files later.


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