NM deleting WPA key secret in Fedora 12?

Has anyone else suffered from a problem where on occasion F12 will boot
and then be unable to connect to a previously usable AP because the WPA
key is no longer stored? My home network has two APs with the same SSID
but different BSSIDs on each channel.

I have now had this happen twice, the first time I thought it was
because it was I had just upgraded from F11 to F12 on my laptop, but it
did it again this morning.

The fix was to paste my WPA key into the entry field after using the
edit menu for my home SSID and then going to the advanced tab (at least
I think that's it, don't have it in front of me just now). There is only
an SSID stored, no BSSID.

Is this a common problem? I didn't see anything in the Fedora Common
Bugs page.

I have all the latest patches applied to F12 as of a day or two ago, I
see there are a load more in updates though so will apply those.

This is not very deterministic, it's hit me twice in a dozen boots I think.



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