Re: How NetworkManager connects to NIC

On Tue, 2009-12-01 at 16:32 +0800, bobby_yang wrote:
> Hi everybody:
>     Recently I am studing NetworkManager0.70. I don't understand how

I'd recommend 0.7.2 (which is the latest release), but in any case...

>  the NetworkManager automatic connects to NIC which is connected
> before, Maybe there is configure files, but I can't find it. Can
> anybody tell me reasons, thanks.

NM takes the information provided by the settings services (which either
grab the information from your distro's normal config files, from GConf,
from KConfig, or whatever) and applies those settings to the NIC when
the NIC is available.  NM will also create a "default" DHCP-enabled
connection when there is no system configuration specified for a device,
so that when you plug the cable in, it works automatically for most


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