specifying shared key authentication in the secrets response


I'm working on a bug in Sugar: you can't connect to shared key WEP
networks. http://dev.sugarlabs.org/ticket/1602

The problem is that sugar's settings service implementation offers the
connection to NM and activates it, but at this point in the settings it
	'802-11-wireless-security': {'key-mgmt': 'none'}

Then NM runs around a bit and sends a secrets request. Sugar pops up a
key-entry dialog. This is the first point in the current sugar UI design
where you can choose between open or shared key. I select shared key,
enter the key, and sugar sends the secrets response:

{'802-11-wireless-security': {'auth-alg': 'shared', 'wep-key0':

However at this point, NM seems to ignore the 'auth-alg' selection.
Experimentation shows that if I specify the shared auth-alg in the
initial Settings announcement it works fine.

Would it be difficult to improve NM so that it could accept the auth-alg
at this later stage? Or do we need to redesign Sugar's UI to fix this,
so that Sugar knows of the user's open vs shared preference earlier on?


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