Re: NM ignores Motorola Q phone

On Mon, Aug 24, 2009 at 09:54:20AM -0600, Tony Seward wrote:
> I've been able to get further with my Q Phone since my first message.  I
> had to work through a bunch of SELinux problems: Most of them seem to be
> fixed with the latest SELinux updates.  I also had to learn that it is
> important to share the internet connection on the Q Phone before
> connecting the USB cable and also that it is important to set the USB
> connection to ActiveSync RNDIS.  I also found out that most of the
> on-line help forums for WM 6.1 are worthless: menu locations are totally
> inconsistent between phones.  I can now see the phone in NM and I get an
> address from it.
> The bottom line is that I believe I have worked through all of the setup
> issues and have isolated my last problem to something on my phone
> service side.  Now I'm trying to find a Windows machine to replicate the
> problem.

I've been using my Verizon XV6800 (HTC Titan) with WM 6.1, 
ActiveSync/RNDIS and NetworkManager on Fedora 11 without problems.  NM 
just detects it as a USB network device.  I do have to start IntShrUI 
on the phone (Internet Connection Sharing UI) and start the 
connection.  If you don't do the IntShrUI step, you will get a 169.254 
IP address that doesn't work for the Internet.  Once the IntShrUI 
connection is made, I get a 192.168 IP that is NATted by the phone to 
the Verizon IP.

Network Connection sharing via NM has also been working great, sharing 
the RNDIS connection via 802.11 wireless.

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