Re: NetworkManager and default route

On Sunday 23 August 2009 15:24:58 Daniel wrote:
> Right Click NM icon, Edit Connections. Select the Connection that you
> want to use locally, in my case I always use the Wired interface for
> local connections only and Wireless for internet.
> So, I would edit my Wired Connection -- select the IPV4 settings, and
> then click the Routes button. Check the "Use this connection only for
> resources on its network".
> Reassociate your internet enabled connection... works for me every time,
> this is with NM 0.7.1. I forgot when they added this feature exactly.

Thanks .. that did the trick.

> > On 08/23/2009 02:12 PM, Gene Czarcinski wrote:
> >> I have a problem with default route handling by NetworkManager.  I have
> >> searched this mailing list as well as bugzilla and, while there are
> >> claims that the problem is fixed, I still have problems on Fedora 11
> >> with current maintenance as of "today".
> >>
> >> Anyway, the problem persists on F11 and it is not just VPN stuff.
> >>
> >> If you have only a single NIC, then there is only one possible default
> >> route and everything works.
> >>
> >> If you have a system (such as a laptop) with both a wired and a wireless
> >> NIC, then everything works because only one will be active at any point
> >> in time (as controlled by NetworkManager).
> >>
> >> However, if you have two or more NICs (real or pseudo), then things get
> >> screwed up and the last interface enabled will set the default route.
> >>
> >> In my case, I have a qemu-kvm guest with two NICs.  The first NIC (eth0)
> >> can either be a bridged connection (on br0) or a NATed connection (on
> >> virbr0) the default route needs to point to this interface.  The second
> >> NIC (eth1) is connected to a private ("host-only") network on virbr2..
> >>
> >> I have tried setting both GATEWAY=<ip_addr>  and GATEWAYDEV=<device> 
> >> and neither has any effect.
> >>
> >> Give that there are bugzilla reports which claim to have fixed this
> >> problem, what am I missing? ... How do I get default routing to work?
> >>
> >> My current work-around is to not run NetworkManager.
> >>
> >> Gene

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