Release: 0.7.1


After almost 5 months, NetworkManager 0.7.1 was tagged and uploaded
earlier this week.  It's been a pretty long release process, but there
are some great improvements in 0.7.1, and everyone is encouraged to
upgrade to the new awesome.

A selection of the fixes include:

      * Support for more mobile broadband devices and phones
      * Plays better with stupid wifi and ethernet drivers
      * Support for rfc3442 classless static routes
      * The default “Auto eth0″ connection is now read/write
      * Compatibility fixes for 802.1x PEAP authentication and 3G/PPP
      * Reduced wakeups for power saving awesomeness
      * Ability to deny specific devices the default route
      * More correct display of wifi signal strength
      * Custom IPv4 settings for mobile broadband connections
      * More informative display of network device state
      * Less annoying password behavior in the vpnc plugin
      * OpenVPN HMAC authentication and IP configuration fixes

Over 50 bugs were fixed in the 0.7.1 cycle.  That's awesome.  However,
I'd like the 0.7.2 cycle to be a shorter and have a much smaller scope.
If people have suggestions of small fixes they really want to see in
0.7.2 ("3G signal strength" is not appropriate, but "don't ask for wifi
password so often" certianly is) we'd love to hear them.  Even better is
to file the bugs as enhancement requests in Gnome Bugzilla, as long as
there isn't one there already :)


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