Re: DHCP fall back to link-local? (IPv4)

Dan Williams a écrit :
On Tue, 2009-04-14 at 15:14 +0100, Marc Herbert wrote:
  Is there any way to tell Network Manager to fall back on link-local
configuration when DHCP fails? Something like:

         <entry name="method" type="string">

Shouldn't NM just retry DHCP a few times?  What's the use-case here?

The use case is a live CD. I was hoping it could adapt to both situations: with or without a DHCP server. But to be honest I think this could be useful to any laptop as well, see below.

I have browsed mailing list archives and bug trackers for ages but found
only old and conflicting information.

According to the list archive, NetworkManager had this feature in the past (you can even find the patch in the archive). Not anymore?

To be honest I think this feature is not so exotic considering that some people discussing it a few years ago on this list seem to enjoy it very much, considering that dhclient seems to have it, and considering that it is the default behaviour for both Windows and Mac OS X. To me this feature looks like networking made "really easy". Zero configuration at last.

Despite the above I am NOT interested in debating if it should be the default behaviour (like it was in the past?).
I am only wondering if it is possible to have this feature at all.

As an alternative solution, maybe I could try to have dhclient (instead of NetworkManager) execute avahi-autoipd ? This would require increasing the timeout in NetworkManager higher than the one in dhclient, do you think this is feasible?

By the way I am not able to get rid of the "Auto eth0" phantom
connection. Is this a problem? I think it could be related because in the
lack of a DHCP server my personal "auto" connection is falling back on
this phantom connection (which obviously fails the same).

The "auto eth0" is likely provided by the system-settings-service
because you don't have a system setting for your device.  If you were to
create one, it would go away.  You can do that either from your distros
normal network config tools, or from the connection editor if your
distro has write support in its system settings plugin.

Thanks for the tips, I will look into that.



PS: as as side note, Zeroconf is finally bringing to IP what other protocol stacks already had 20 years ago.

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