Re: Making NM portable

> NM also uses netlink for interface flag changes like carrier state, but
> that may be out of the scope of libroute.  It looks like you're
> hand-rolling netlink code though; any reason you can't back the Linux
> stuff with libnl since Thomas already wrote all that stuff already?

Yes, I had been hand-rolling netlink code mainly because I started off
by studying iproute2, which does the same thing. But yes, it is better
to use libnl and I am re-working the Linux backend to use it instead
of directly dealing with PF_NETLINK.

> I'd actually rather just link to libnl on Linux and libroute on *BSD I
> think, abstracting the two inside NM.

If the Linux backend of libroute were to use libnl, would it fine to
uniformly use libroute in NM and let libroute handle the abstraction?

Thanks for the feedback.

Happy hacking,

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