Vlan Configuration Profiles


I need some help configuring the new NetworkManger applet. I need one network profile for my "work" network, and a generic profile for everything else.

The "work" profile consists of 1 physical and 4 virtual wired devices all active at the same time. All interfaces should be configured with DHCP, however I would like to manually set the nameserver and search values.

eth0:       primary interface on .1.0 subnet
eth0.10:  eth0 vlan interface on .10.0 subnet
eth0.20:  eth0 vlan interface on .20.0 subnet
eth0.30:  eth0 vlan interface on .30.0 subnet
eth0.40:  eht0 vlan interface on .40.0 subnet

The 2nd profile I would like to have is "auto". Where all virtual devices are taken offline and the eth0 will just use DHCP for everything.

Any tips on getting this configuration working would be helpfull. Thanks.

- Casey

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