[REQ] Adding support for simultaneous wireless networks

I work at a retail store selling computers, and I can tell you that all the printer manufacturer's seem to be going wireless. Out of the latest selection of HP and Canon printers we carry, nearly all of the consumer level machines have built in wireless.

Alot of people expect to be able to connect to the internet (whether it's through a wireless network, a cell phone card, a cable) and also be able to connect to their printer at the same time to print wirelessly, but that's not currently an easy thing to configure.

What's even worse is if you want to connect to a wireless network while being connected to a wireless printer in ad-hoc mode. Currently, to do this you would have to use airtun-ng (this is the only program I've found which does this):

That'll let you connect to two wireless networks as long as they are on the same channel.

I think that these would both be excellent features to have (connect to two wireless networks with one card to load balance/access resources on both networks - useful for copying between networks as well - and easily setting up an ad-hoc connection to a printer with another connection as the primary; all via the networkmanager GUI, of course). I'm sure that in the near future there will be a lot more questions like these across the different distros.
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