Re: stupid question - duplicated list ? (ALMOST solved)

>>On Thu, 2008-10-23 at 12:47 -0400, Andrew wrote:
>>> >On Wed, 2008-10-22 at 12:14 -0400, Andrew wrote:
>>> >> >On Tue, 2008-10-21 at 19:43 -0400, Andrew wrote:
>>> >> >> this may have been addressed before, but my googling has been 
>>> >> >> 
>>> >> >> Why does the dropdown list from nm-applet have all the available 
>>> >
>>> >> >duplicated? (first the list, then its copy?)  
>>> >> >
>>> >> >What NM RPM version?
>>> >> >
>>> >> >If you have multiple access points with the same SSID, but with
>>> >> >different bands, security options, or modes, you'll get duplicate
>>> >> >entries because they are separate APs.  So for example, if you have
>>> >> >'foobar' in the b/g band and "foobar" in the a-band, you'll see both
>>> >> >APs.  In the future we should actually show what's different about 
>>> >> >in the menu.
>>> >> 
>>> >> In my case it is unequivocal duplication of EVERYTHING, always.  Two 
>>> >identical lists. And I don't think i've ever been in the midst of multiple 
>>> >distinct AP's whose names coincide.
>>> >> 
>>> >> But EVERY single time i've used NM, on many distinct hardware systems 
>>> >((although with the same exact OS, thus far: Fedora 9 -- i've installed 
>>> >of F9's lately), I got/get the duplication.  I almost started thinking it 
>>> >the intended norm.
>>> >> 
>>> >> Most of the systems have the out-of-the-box F9 NM version ; i have 
>>> >yum-updated a few.  One I am looking at at the moment has 
>>> >> 0.7.0-14.svn3675, with the *-glib and *gnome packages the same version, 
>>> >exceping the *-openvpn, which is *svn3632
>>> >
>>> >These aren't the latest updates, you probably want the newest bits and
>>> >the newest kernel at least.  But they won't help your problem.
>>> >
>>> >> On a different system, as you know, I've built NM and nm-applet from 
>>> >(with your latest alterations).  Same exact manifestation with this 
>>> >home-built, hacked version. I see Two identical lists, one below the 
>>> >Each has the grayed header "Wireless Networks (Belkin AR2413 802.11bg 
>>> Whatever the cause -- again, it seems to have been pervasive across the 
>>Fedora 9 installations i've performed over the last few months, on a variety 
>>of systems.
>>> I have NEVER seen the drop-down list WITHOUT duplication - except, perhaps, 
>>briefly, for a few seconds after the very first use (but I can't vouch for 
>>that last bit)
>>> >So this is the problem, NM thinks you have two wireless cards in your
>>> >machine.  That's most definitely a HAL/kernel issue.  What kernel
>>> >version do you have installed?
>>> >
>>> >Can you mail me the output of 'lshal' and 'iwconfig' from the command
>>> >line?
>>> the following link has the uname, lshal and iwconfig outputs for two dell 
>>laptop. The latitude is the one with the NW hack.
>   <snip URL>
>>On the inspiron, you've got:
>>wlan3: /org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/net_00_1d_d9_5f_d9_04
>>wlan3: /org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/net_00_1d_d9_5f_d9_04_2
>>Which means HAL sees two wireless adapters.  Same thing on the latitude.
>>So this is actually a HAL bug.  If HAL stops thinking there are two wifi
>>cards, then NM will stop thinking there are two.
>Prompted by the above I upgraded the (Fedora 9 stock) hal package to versions 
>0.5.11-2.fc9 (yum update) and 0.5.11rc2 (had to compile the latter for the 
>64bit fedora, since no 64bit package avail.), and, lo and behold, the pesky 
>duplication is gone! Whew!!
>As has been said many times, many ways -- you da man! 
>>You should probably file a bug against the 'hal' package so that the
>>maintainer can figure out why HAL thinks there are two wifi cards.  Does
>>'ifconfig -a' show two?
>no, does and has always shown one of each unique device
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