Re: Hack to allow passing Vendor=nortel in network-manager-vpnc

On Mon, 2008-10-20 at 22:55 +0200, Cyril Jaquier wrote:
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> Hi Sean,
> >   I have compiled the nortel branch of vpnc and can successfully connect
> > to my corporate network.  Is there a way I can use the vpnc
> > network-manager plugin and pass the 'Vendor nortel' parameter?  I tried
> > manually editing the keys in gconf-editor, but that seems to crash nm.
> > Wondering if there is a hack I can do to make the vendor persistent
> > since I only connect to nortel vpn endpoints.  Does it look to any
> > config file for some default options or it is all controlled in gconf?
> > 
> The vendor option of vpnc is currently unsupported in the vpnc plugin :(
> Read this thread [1] for a similar issue with a Juniper/NetScreen firewall.

Yeah, if we're going to do it, lets do it right rather than hack stuff
together.  If I just piled on all the hacks people want, we'd all be
crushed under their weight by now :)  Thus, the tradeoff between waiting
a bit longer for your feature, and having it implemented more cleanly so
that next year NM isn't a piece of crap.

I do now have a Netscreen to test against, so you can expect that
additional NM-vpnc features that I implement are tested against the
Netscreen.  Thus, this bug will probably get fixed sooner rather than


> Regards,
> Cyril
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