Re: Mobile Broadband - how do I trace/debug the modem initialisation?

On Mon, 2008-10-20 at 17:12 +0100, Rick Jones wrote:
> --On Monday, October 20, 2008 17:55:12 +0300 Tambet Ingo
> <tambet gmail com> wrote:
> ¦ If you have recent enough NM (r4155 or newer), you can turn on
> serial
> ¦ debug with NM_SERIAL_DEBUG environment variable. The AT commands are
> ¦ hard coded and there are no plans to leave it to users to figure
> out.
> Thanks, that worked, and confirmed what i'd begun to suspect. I've
> also had a rummage in the source code to see what it's doing.
> With careful use of minicom it turns out that the modem software in
> the Palm device doesn't respond to the first AT command, but after a
> second command it returns two OK responses - the first response gets
> delayed for some reason. NM doesn't appear to allow any retries in its
> exchanges, unlike chat scripts which can deal with this kind of thing.
> So it's a bug in the Palm - I'll have to chase it up with the authors.

Probably; NM does retries for some commands that time out.  Whats the
command that times out for you, the first ATZ E0 or something?


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