Re: Mobile Broadband - how do I trace/debug the modem initialisation?

--On Monday, October 20, 2008 17:55:12 +0300 Tambet Ingo <tambet gmail com> wrote:
¦ If you have recent enough NM (r4155 or newer), you can turn on serial
¦ debug with NM_SERIAL_DEBUG environment variable. The AT commands are
¦ hard coded and there are no plans to leave it to users to figure out.

Thanks, that worked, and confirmed what i'd begun to suspect. I've also had a rummage in the source code to see what it's doing.

With careful use of minicom it turns out that the modem software in the Palm device doesn't respond to the first AT command, but after a second command it returns two OK responses - the first response gets delayed for some reason. NM doesn't appear to allow any retries in its exchanges, unlike chat scripts which can deal with this kind of thing.

So it's a bug in the Palm - I'll have to chase it up with the authors.

Cheers, Rick

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