How to connect to a specified wireless access point via network manager's dbus service?

  I'm writing an application which needs to control network manager via its dbus service, especially to connect the wifi to a specified access point. I'm using openSUSE 11 with network manager 0.7. After reading the documentation and source code of network manager applet, I found that a connection object must be created for the access point before calling network manager to activate the ap. However seems that it's only possible to create connection object by using functions provided by libnm-{glib,utils}. There is no corresponding methods exported through dbus. But I don't want to make my application depend on libnm.
  So I'm wondering if there is any way to achieve my goal with nm's dbus service only?
  p.s. nm 0.6.x's dbus interface supports such thing.

James Su

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