Re: default route problem

Ahh of course, and the same is true for vpn's so is what you are doing
where the connection is flagged as a becoming a default route, save
the current default route on establishment and replace the default
route with the saved one when the connection comes down. but this
would fail if the connections are removed in a different order.

-- Stuart Ward M +44 7782325143

On Mon, Oct 6, 2008 at 2:43 PM, Vitja Makarov <vitja makarov gmail com> wrote:
> DHCP provides default route, but when you bring pptp up, you may want
> to use ppp device as default route, e.g internet.
> Then if you'll replace default one with ppp, then you will loose route
> to pptp server.
> 2008/10/6 Stuart Ward <stuart ward bcs org>:
>> Am I missing something obvious, but shouldn't the DHCP server provide
>> the default route to the client.
>> eg my dhcpd.conf
>> subnet netmask {
>>        option routers;
>>        range;
>>        option netbios-name-servers;        #wins server
>> }
>> Where is the default router
>> -- Stuart Ward M +44 7782325143
>> On Mon, Oct 6, 2008 at 12:51 PM, Vitja Makarov <vitja makarov gmail com> wrote:
>>> Hi, all!
>>> Home ISP often use the following network configuration scheme:
>>> - Lan IP address is assigned using DHCP
>>> - PPTP is used for internet connection
>>> If pptp server is in your network, that should be ok to replace
>>> default route with ppp one,
>>> but when pptp server is routed via DHCP provided default route, you
>>> can't simply do it,
>>> you have first provide manually route for pptp server, then remove default.
>>> Can we solve a problem this way:
>>> - user should choose which networks he want to route using DHCP default route
>>> - then add pptp server to this list
>>> - build rules and change routing table
>>> - then remove default route, or increase metrics
>>> - launch pppd
>>> - if failed restore previous settings
>>> That should make pptp configuration less painful on linux desktop.
>>> That should be useful for all other kinds of PPP as well.
>>> I can provide some sample code in few days, using libnl.
>>> Thanks,
>>> vitja.
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