Re: Applet keeps connected always

Thanks. Looks like it involves distributions (maybe NM version)
It doesn't work on FC9. But works on Ubuntu 8.04 .
At least, I know the it is right to use wireless_send_event() to fit NM's design.

Appreciate your help.

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寄件者: Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com>
收件者: fean <fean8502 yahoo com>
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寄件日期: 2008/9/30(星期二) 下午10:25:37
主?旨: Re: Applet keeps connected always

On Tue, 2008-09-30 at 10:47 +0800, fean wrote:
> Hi,
> I am developing the driver to support NM. 
> The driver can get connected with all kinds of security networks now.
> But, I have a question , how to tell NM that the current network disconnected.
> Then, it should try to reconnect or select another network.
> With NetworkManager --no-daemon, I found the daemon will try to reconnect.
> But, the applet (icon) is shown connected always even I unplug the AP.
> I tried 'netif_carrier_off()' , wireless_send_event with SIOCGIWAP with BSSID=zeros.
> They can't make it to show correct icon.

wireless_send_event() for IWAP with all zeros is the correct method.
This will cause the supplicant to disconnect and attempt to re-connect,
and if that fails for long enough, NM will disconnect as well.  Can you
use wpa_supplicant manually and provide some logs showing the disconnect
behavior?  Basically, if wpa_supplicant doesn't know about the
disconnection, neither will NM.



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