Re: Support for L2TP/IPsec

Vincent Bernat <bernat luffy cx> writes:

> OoO En cette  aube naissante du dimanche 25 mai  2008, vers 07:10, David
> Smith <dds google com> disait:
>> Vincent, in your setup is there a strong reason you are using openswan
>> instead of strongswan? Please share.
> Hi David!
> I have not tried StrongSWAN, so I have no reason to use OpenSWAN instead
> of StrongSWAN.

OK, could you please double-check that your configuration works with
strongswan as well as openswan? I want to propose that we focus on one
IKE implementation and considering the features available in strongswan,
that it works with the most server implementations especially Windows
2003 and 2008 Server and that it supports smartcards the best make it a
lead contender. Dan, what do you think of deciding on an IKE? Something
like a bake-off?

- dds

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