Re: PATCH: Support for Bluetooth NAP devices

Hi Dan,

> > So what is the right way to scan for devices and determine what
> > features they support?  How is that handled in balance with battery
> > life?
> We don't scan with Bluetooth automatically.  We should scan when
> initially setting up the DUN or PAN or NAP connection (or in the
> connection editor when modifying the connection), because that's the
> user hitting a "Scan" button explicitly to find the device they want to
> connect to.  But NM should not be scanning for BT devices like it does
> for wifi APs.

I might have to repeat myself, but leave this setup of PAN or DUN based
connection to the Bluetooth network and serial service. We will nicely
integrate this with bluetooth-wizard and then they become available for

Network Manager should only check for possible DUN and PAN
configurations and then call Connect() or Disconnect().

There are also D-Bus signals for everything if something changes. I can
really only point you to network-api.txt and serial-api.txt for a

Network Manager should _not_ do any scanning. If you wanna setup a new
Bluetooth access point or modem, have it call bluetooth-wizard.



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