Can't compile

I use Ubuntu 7.10 and I have wanted to install the networkmanager of svn.
I get the sourcecode and then I run the command: ./ --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc --localstatedir=/var
I get an error. I need the lib1-0pre8. There is no package for Ubuntu.
I have tried to compile the sourcefiles of the lib1-0pre8 and the lib1-1 but I get every time  
an error: insert: stat ... can't find the file or the directory.
Know somebody this error and can help me?
I need the Networkmanager for my work. I want to use the D-Bus connection to NM to get some information about networks und SSID... . I need the 0.7 version, because it can connected on more than one interfaces.
Thanks, marco

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