RE: Questions on NetworkManager-0.7.0

dear nick,
    Thank you very much for helping me to understand the structure of NM and the relationship between NM and applet.
I have some more questions about NM and wish you can help me again.

Today I met a problem on DHClient.
(1) The log is like "localhost dhclient: Can't create /usr/local/var/run/ Permission denied".
I downloaded dhclient-3.0.6 src code but still did not find how to change "path_dhclient_db". Maybe it is not printed from dhclient.c.
I still have some questions about NM.
(2) Can I interpret the relationship between NM and applet like following diagram?
                                                |------------- src --------------|                 |- libnm -| 
     NIC_Driver<->wpa_supplicant<->NetworkManager <-> NMManager    <->           NMClient       <-> Applet
                 (iwctrl)                (dbus)                        [NM database] (dbus sig)  [NMA database]
(3) I could not find the place applet emits a signal "DeviceAdded", so how does applet create a NMClient?  
(4) I will be so glad to know the calling history about "the wireless device has scanned a new network/ap".
     I means how NM informs Applet to add a new network.
(5) Also I would like to know the calling history about "user select an ap to associate".
     I means how Applet informs NM to perform joining things.
(6) Last question :Connection is for a device or an ap?
Sorry to have bothered you so much.


> Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2008 14:23:58 +0100
> From: nickschermer gmail com
> To: shuangfeiyu hotmail com
> Subject: Re: Questions on NetworkManager-0.7.0
> 2008/3/25, Jue Yang <shuangfeiyu hotmail com>:
> > I'm a fresh to develop Network Manager based on version 0.7.0. I have digged
> > it few days and feel so confused. Could anybody give me the answers to
> > following questions.
> I'm new too, but I guess i can answere this.
> > 1. Why does NM separate to two layers, libnm and src?
> libnm is the network manager library (utils and glib bindings): shared
> code between the network manager daemon (in src) and (for example) the
> network-manager-applet. So libnm-{util,glib} are libraries, src is a
> program.
> > 2. How to do initialization of all objects? I mean who calls those
> > "class_init" functions.
> Those are called by the GObject, using the macro G_DEFINE_TYPE and friends.
> > 3. Can Applet just call functions in libnm? During Applet setting an
> > active network, which way used to keep synchronizing between libnm and src?
> Two applications (nm-daemon and nm-applet) cannot share the same data.
> They communicate using dbus. libnm is used to "handle" the shared data
> over dbus.
> Cheers,
> Nick

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