RE: Questions on NetworkManager-0.7.0

dear dan,
First, thank you very much for helpping me to break a way with Network Manager 0.7.0. 
Your points help me a lot and the best is I will never feel alone and helpless.
Today I met a problem on DHClient.
(1) The log is like "localhost dhclient: Can't create /usr/local/var/run/ Permission denied".
I downloaded dhclient-3.0.6 src code but still did not find how to change "path_dhclient_db". Maybe it is not printed from dhclient.c.
I still have some questions about NM.
(2) Can I interpret the relationship between NM and applet like the following diagram?
                                                 |------------- src --------------|              |- libnm -| 
     NIC_Driver<->wpa_supplicant<->NetworkManager <-> NMManager    <->         NMClient       <-> Applet
                   (iwctrl)                (dbus)                    [NM database]  (dbus sig)  [NMA database]
(3) I could not find the place applet emits a signal "DeviceAdded", so how does applet create a NMClient?   
(4) I will be so glad to know the calling history about "the wireless device has scanned a new network/ap".
     I means how NM informs Applet to add a new network. 
(5) Also I would like to know the calling history about "user select an ap to associate".
     I means how Applet informs NM to perform joining things.
(6) Last question :Connection is for a device or an ap?
Sorry to have bothered you so much. I feel a little lazy and guilty, but still waiting for your good news.  


> Subject: Re: Questions on NetworkManager-0.7.0
> From: dcbw redhat com
> To: shuangfeiyu hotmail com
> CC: networkmanager-list gnome org
> Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2008 10:45:23 -0400
> On Tue, 2008-03-25 at 03:11 +0000, Jue Yang wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> >
> >
> > I’m a fresh to develop Network Manager based on version 0.7.0. I have
> > digged it few days and feel so confused. Could anybody give me the
> > answers to following questions.
> >
> > 1. Why does NM separate to two layers, libnm and src?
> libnm-glib is only used by _client_ of NetworkManager, and wraps the
> D-Bus objects that NetworkManager exports in a glib friendly API.
> libnm-util is common code and structures used both by clients of
> NetworkManager and NetworkManager itself.
> > 2. How to do initialization of all objects? I mean who calls
> > those “class_init” functions.
> This is handled by glib. When you call g_object_new(<type>, ...) glib
> looks up the type that you have given it (which is registered indirectly
> by those lines in the header files like #define NM_TYPE_FOO
> (nm_foo_get_type ())).
> Once it's got the class structure identified by the type you have given
> it with g_object_new(), glib will call the class_init and constructor
> functions of the class and it's subclasses as necessary.
> For more information on glib objects, see:
> > 3. Can Applet just call functions in libnm? During Applet
> > setting an active network, which way used to keep synchronizing
> > between libnm and src?
> Yes, the applet can call libnm-glib functions, provided it has created
> the right objects. You must first create the libnm-glib NMClient
> object, which effectively wraps the D-Bus interface exported by the
> NMManager object in src/. Once the applet has the NMClient object, it
> can attach to the signals of NMClient, ask NMClient for the list of
> devices, the list of currently active connections, etc.
> Most of the synchronization between a client an NetworkManager (aided by
> libnm-glib for glib-based applications) is through signals. The
> NMClient object proxies the PropertiesChanged signal that NetowrkManager
> emits when the NMManager state changes, and it decodes the signal and
> re-emits the signal as a GObject signal on the NMClient object. There's
> actually some magic underneath to extract the properties that have
> actually changed (there can be more than one at a time) from the
> PropertiesChanged signal over D-Bus, and then set the internal cached
> variables inside the NMClient object, and when those internal cached
> variables change, emit GObject notify signals to alert users of
> libnm-glib that something has changed.
> It's sort of complicated; but as a client of NetworkManager you just
> need to pick one of (1) the D-Bus interface, or (2) the libnm-glib
> interface, or (3) the KDE Solid interface when it's done. (2) and (3)
> just wrap the D-Bus interface (1) in a more friendly manner and do
> things like convert D-Bus types to glib/qt types (a{sv} -> GHashTable
> for example).
> Dan

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