API changes for 802.1x and connections


Three API changes in the past few days...

1) Split 802.1x options out of wireless-security to facilitate wired
802.1x.  There is now a new '802-1x' NMSetting which contains all of the
options from wireless-security that were specific to 802.1x.  The
setting description will be up on
NetworkManagerConfigurationSpecification shortly.

1a) Since old-school LEAP isn't 802.1x-based, it is still contained
within the wireless-security NMSetting.  There are new 'leap-username'
and 'leap-password' properties of NMSettingWirelessSecurity.  But
connections that use Dynamic WEP or WPA[2] Enterprise with EAP-LEAP as
the EAP method use the split out 802.1x setting.

2) The ActivateDevice method on the main NetworkManager object has been
renamed to ActivateConnection, and its arguments have been re-arranged
so that the serivce_name and connection_path come before the
device_path.  I might convert the arguments here to a dict in the
future.  I may also add a DeactivateConnection method on the main NM
object that takes the service_name + connection_path, and remove the
Deactivate method of the device objects for consistency.

3) The GetActiveConnections method on the main NM object now returns a
list of dicts instead of a list of custom structures.

#2 and #3 are in preparation for connection sharing.


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