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Thanks. So it has nothing to do with network manager, it is a good news.

But somehow, I don't have the "ping: sendmsg: Operation not permitted" message. I pinged exactly the same IP as you. What I got is nothing, it seems that I has been blocked somewhere.

I think it can be the firewall of my company.

Just one question, I know somehow we should connect to port 10000. Does it means the port 10000 on my machine should be accessible from remote? Or the port 10000 of server should be accessible for me? Any idea of this?

cheers, Xin

Tom Sutherland a écrit :
I had a similar problem on my machine, but it had nothing to do with
network manager.

You might try verifying that firestarter (or other local firewall) is
not blocking the traffic - not sure why, but it seems to limit outbound
traffic on the tunnel interface.

When pinging to the remote side, I got replies that looked like this:

tsuther angrybutler999:~$ ping
PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
ping: sendmsg: Operation not permitted
ping: sendmsg: Operation not permitted
ping: sendmsg: Operation not permitted
ping: sendmsg: Operation not permitted
ping: sendmsg: Operation not permitted

--- ping statistics ---
23 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 22084ms

Hopefully that helps,


On Tue, 2008-03-18 at 15:17 +0100, Xin ZHOU wrote:

I'm new user of linux and I'm using Ubuntu 7.10.

Followed by some tutorial on internet, I've installed network-manager-vpnc and vpnc. Then I see the interface. Compare with the interface in windows, it seems that it does allow to configure the transport (ex: the protocol or the port)

But I assume that by default they are configured.

And then I start the connection. The connection succeeded, but the data is not communicated.

I don't understand why, because normally if the connection is established, there should have no problems.

What can the problem be? How can I search for the cause of the problem.
Because that there is no much behaviour our error message that I can provide.

By the way, the server side of VPN succeeded to detected my connection.
So the connection is established.

Any idea for that?

cheers, Xin
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