Re: pptp can't compile and reconnection

On Mon, Mar 17, 2008 at 10:02 AM, Charly Liu <charlyliu linpus com> wrote:
> The 12th march I downloaded the svn version of NetworkManager. I could
> compile everything except pptp because it says that I don't have the file
> dbus-dict-helper.h. I searched a little bit and I saw that in previous
> snapshots it has it (I think in svn 2958 or something like this). Is it
> normal that i don't have it or how can I get it?
> Another bug that I noticed was that when I disable the wireless connection
> and then enable again, it doesn't reconnect to the previous AP I was
> connected to (at least in my pc). I will look this week if I can fix it (if
> there is any problem, hehe).

One part of the 0.7 rework we did was to change the way VPN backends
(or modules) worked. VPNC and openvpn backends got changed for the new
API, PPTP didn't. So it won't work at all right now. It basically
needs a rewrite: to use the new APIs of NetworkManager, to not use
it's own ppp manager (NM now provides one) and to remove all the hacks
it had to support random ppp connections that NM didn't support in


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