IPv6 support

I'd like to know what work is needed to get some IPv6 support in

My ISP has IPv6 support, it works like this:
IP address configuration and routing is automatic (done via router
DNS is announced via ND-RDNSS, support is in the kernel since 2.6.24,
but you need a userspace daemon to make it useful (ND options are
transmitted via netlink)
There is userspace daemon available at http://rdnssd.linkfanel.net/
but I think it is simple enough (especially if the netlink part is
pushed to libnl) to re-implement it in nm (nm already listens to netlink
and already manages the merging of resolv.conf).

If I get some directions, I'd like to work on that part. I don't really
know what is missing in the core to handle it (ipv6 support in dbus
api ?), but if I write the libnl part, it seems quite simple (you just
need to add some dns in resolv.conf).

If it is a success, another project I'd like to see/work on in nm is
automatic 6to4 configuration, you just check the ipv6 box, and if you
have an ipv4 public address it just works :)
Long term goal would probably be:
- 6to4 for public ipv4 addresses
- teredo for people behind NAT
- optionally connection via a tunnel broker (and connection over dns for
  people who don't want to pay in a hostspot ? ;)
I think OSX and Vista are already implementing this (I've heard it from
a mac user)



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