Re: nm applet and hidden ssid

On Thu, 2008-03-13 at 11:27 -0400, Louis E Garcia II wrote:
> I'm running F8 with the latest kernel, wpa_supplament and NetworkManager
> from koji. My wireless network has a hidden ssid, I am able to connect
> through nm applet using the 'connect to other wireless network...' Then
> the ssid shows up on the wireless networks list in nm applet. 
> I am normally on a wired net and after a reboot the hidden ssid I
> connected before is gone and I have to go through the same steps as
> above. Which sucks. Also if I disconnect from wired network nm does not
> automatically switch to the ssid I had last which was the hidden one.
> Would it be better if once you connected to a hidden ssid it would
> always appear in the list if you are within range?

Does the BSSID of your hidden AP show up in GConf under 'seen-bssids'
for it's connection?  Also, some logs from /var/log/messages would be
useful during and right after the connection attempt.  It may be that
the applet is unable to grab the BSSID of the associated AP and
therefore unable to cache that in GConf.  NM uses the cached BSSIDs to
match scan results with SSIDs.


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