API changes


A few API changes, both in the Settings specification, and in D-Bus.
Some of these are thanks to Will's documentation effort and mini-review
of the API while he was doing that.

a) removed the 'nai' and 'eappsk' options of the
802-11-wireless-security setting.  These have been removed upstream (use
'identity' and 'psk' instead), and we weren't using them yet anyway in

b) remove 'lockdown' option; all lockdown will be implemented via

c) clarify the meaning of the 'mac-address' attribute of both the wired
and wireless settings; a valid 'mac-address' will lock the connection to
a device of the specified type with the specified MAC address.  If we
want to allow MAC address cloning, we'll have to add another field to
wired & wireless.

d) remove the 'manual' option of the ip4-config setting.  Add the
'method' option.  'method' can be one of ["dhcp", "autoip", "manual"].

e) The 'Rate' property of the AP object exported over D-Bus has been
renamed to 'MaxBitrate' to reflect its actual use

f) The AP object's 'MaxBitrate' property, and the wireless device's
'Bitrate' property, are now in units of Kb/s (previously they were in
b/s).  b/s doesn't give us enough room to grow in a uint32, but we can't
do Mb/s because some 802.11 bitrates are fractions of a megabit (like
5.5 Mb/s)

g) The 'Carrier' property of the NMDevice object has been moved to the
wired device object.  The 'CarrierChanged' signal of the NMDevice object
has been removed, and replaced by the PropertyChanged signal of the
wired device interface.  Only wired devices need carrier anyway, since
carrier really has no meaning on wireless or mobile broadband.

All these changes have been reflected in the libnm-glib API as needed.


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