Re[2]: NetworkManager VPN and routing in bridged mode


JE> There was some discussion around this last December, if you look back in
JE> this archive thread there were some ideas for resolution, but nothing
JE> has progressed (as far as I know).


Oops, I've missed it while searching through the archives - sorry for
that. Anyway, there are no ideas if it should be fixed and when,
so I guess raising the issue once again won't do much harm.

JE> I'm manually creating my default route (off the bridged subnet) after NM
JE> has brought the VPN up. I did look at NM dispatcher, but that didn't
JE> appear to handle VPN events...
Personally I'm happy with just #ifdef'ing out routing code in the
function, but it is by no means a solution. It's also not really
difficult to have one more parameter like remote_gateway passed though
the stack of all VPN-related function and let
nm_system_vpn_device_set_from_ip4_config() decide whether to put a
route through the device or through the gateway based on
(remote_gateway && *remote_gateway) - the question is whether it is
needed or there is some different solution to this problem and someone
works on it say for 0.7.1.


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