Re: [PATCH] NM DBUS api documentation build system

On Thursday 28 February 2008 09:17:50 Will Stephenson wrote:
> On Thursday 28 February 2008 03:09:27 Dan Williams wrote:
> > Committed with a few cleanups, thanks!

More documentation:
* General documentation about each interface, where it appears in the dbus 
tree, what provides it, and what it is used for
* Fill in some gaps in arguments and enums eg NM_DEVICE_TYPE
* Move AP below Device.Wireless in the list

I haven't done PPP yet as it's as WIP
Whitespace is untidy, I'll address this with a separate patch.

I've tried to remove any of my personal FIXMEs in there that weren't in the 
last lot Dan committed, but if they've crept back in or existing FIXMEs have 
vanished please be patient, I'll send a separate mail with API cleanups for 


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