Re: About NM Connection Editor

I have been following this thread and wondering what the NM Connection Editor is and how I recognize I am using it!

I do see something 'new' in the menus in system>Preferences>NetworkProxy, but that is probably not it or only a part....

Daniel Qarras wrote:
Hi Dan,

I know that NM's Connection Editor (or what's the Official Name?)
new so I'm not hoping to see anything perfect (just yet) but I'm
wondering why choosing Edit Connection -> VPN -> MyVPN -> Edit
barely few IPv4 options so it is quite different than going to VPN
Connections -> Configure VPN which shows VPN gateways etc?
The VPN part of the connection editor isn't implemented yet, and will
probably require some changes to the VPN plugin API.  Ideally there
wouldn't be a "VPN Connections -> Configure VPN", it would be in the
connection editor.  But we need to rework the VPN GUI bits to fit
where we need them.

thanks for the info. This reminds me that every now and then I notice
that when disconnecting a VPN connection I also lose my "main" net
connection.. Is this something under works or shall I open a bug about


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