Re: About NM Connection Editor

Hi Dan,

> > I know that NM's Connection Editor (or what's the Official Name?)
> is
> > new so I'm not hoping to see anything perfect (just yet) but I'm
> > wondering why choosing Edit Connection -> VPN -> MyVPN -> Edit
> shows
> > barely few IPv4 options so it is quite different than going to VPN
> > Connections -> Configure VPN which shows VPN gateways etc?
> The VPN part of the connection editor isn't implemented yet, and will
> probably require some changes to the VPN plugin API.  Ideally there
> wouldn't be a "VPN Connections -> Configure VPN", it would be in the
> connection editor.  But we need to rework the VPN GUI bits to fit
> where we need them.

thanks for the info. This reminds me that every now and then I notice
that when disconnecting a VPN connection I also lose my "main" net
connection.. Is this something under works or shall I open a bug about


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