[PATCH] remove unneeded retry for netlink connection

since r3181, nm-netlink-monitor.c uses libnl
remove a now obsolete retry (which seems buggy anyway, I can't figure out how it could
go out of the recursion if there is a real error).

I didn't tested the change so please review carefully before applying (I just began to
look at the source and I don't have the environment to test yet).


Benoit Boissinot

Index: src/nm-netlink.c
--- src/nm-netlink.c	(revision 3375)
+++ src/nm-netlink.c	(working copy)
@@ -71,20 +71,8 @@
 	if (nl_connect (def_nl_handle, NETLINK_ROUTE) < 0) {
-		/* HACK: try one more time. Because the netlink monitor for link state
-		 * inits before we get here, it grabs the port that matches the PID
-		 * of the NM process, which also happens to be the PID that libnl uses
-		 * the first time too.  The real fix is to convert nm-netlink-monitor.c
-		 * over to use libnl.
-		 */
-		nl_handle_destroy (def_nl_handle);
-		def_nl_handle = NULL;
-		def_nl_handle = nm_netlink_get_default_handle ();
-		if (!def_nl_handle) {
-			nm_error ("couldn't connect to netlink: %s", nl_geterror ());
-			return NULL;
-		}
+		nm_error ("couldn't connect to netlink: %s", nl_geterror ());
+		return NULL;
 	return def_nl_handle;


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