Re: dbus-binding-tool Unable to load "%s": Attribute "xmlns:tp" is invalid on <node> element in this context

Selon Will Stephenson <wstephenson kde org>:

> On Saturday 01 March 2008 16:06:47 alban browaeys free fr wrote:
> > I got :
> > Unable to load "%s": Attribute "xmlns:tp" is invalid on <node> element
> > in this context
> > while the Makefile call dbus-binding-tool since
> >
> >
> > for example from NetworkManager/libnm-glib/ :
> >  dbus-binding-tool --prefix=nm_access_point --mode=glib-client
> > --output=nm-access-point-bindings.h ../introspection/nm-access-point.xml
> >
> > How do you build NetworkManager to avoid this issue ?
> See the thread "[PATCH] NM DBUS api documentation build system". Dan talked
> about patching dbus-binding-tool to ignore unknown namespaces; I don't know
> if that has happened but you don't have that addition.  In the meantime you
> can do this to clean the docu stuff out of the introspection xml:
> DROP_NAMESPACE="perl -pe '$$hash =
> {}g'"
> mkdir introspection-dirty
> mv introspection/nm-*.xml introspection-dirty
> for i in introspection-dirty/*.xml
> do
> xmlfile=`basename $i`
> xsltproc spec-to-introspect.xsl $xmlfile \
>   | $DROP_NAMESPACE  >  introspection/$xmlfile
> done
> DROP_NAMESPACE=... should all be on one line of course.
> (Dan, I still have the version of the docu build system that cleans the xml,
> if you want to reconsider...)

Thank you . I want the doc generated from the introspection files so I built my
own dbus-glib with the patch applied. (if I understood well the thread this time
... I did not at first glance though I did not read it carefully enough).

Best regards

PS: sorry to the whole list for me sending the email three times ... there is
rationale behind that mostly that my usual email address is blacklisted to gnome
lists due to spammers playing tricks with it ... and well I messed it up.

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