Re: Trivial suggestions for enhancement

On Mi, 2008-07-23 at 12:48 -0400, Dan Williams wrote:
> On Wed, 2008-07-23 at 15:34 +0200, Tobias Wolf wrote:
> > 
> > 1. "System setting" -- Is it clear enough what this does? How about
> >    "System-wide connection"?
> Not done yet, but I'm playing with making that an actual button at the
> bottom-left, because we need the vertical space to add a Routes...
> button in the IPv4 page.
> > 2. "MAC address:" -- Is this to spoof the MAC (no), or is it to limit
> >    the connection to the NIC specified by its MAC here (yes)?
> At the moment, this will lock the connection to a specific device by MAC
> address.  One suggestion was to have this be an editable combo box, with
> the dropdown listing devices currently in the system.  Still need to be
> able to enter something random though.  But the label likely needs to be
> changed.

Cool, this is also what I suggested in bug #544384 a minute ago.

> I'd also like to have an option to spoof the MAC address, but we'd need
> to figure out where to put this in the UI.  There's actually not a lot
> of room left because we're hiding things like the port and speed that we
> don't yet support.
> > What about adding bubble help for these? People would have to ask fewer
> > questions on mailing lists and forums, right?
> Yes, tooltips or some other form of quickhelp is the plan here.  Even
> better would be adding a Help... button to each dialog and actually
> having good help via yelp or whatever.

Maybe both. You write the tooltip, and a contributor (like me) writes
the Yelp texts...

As requested, I filed bugs #544381, #544382, #544384, #544385, #544387.


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