Re: Trivial suggestions for enhancement

On Mi, 2008-07-23 at 15:34 +0200, Tobias Wolf wrote:

> Meanwhile, there are two more settings I would like to discuss:
> 1. "System setting" -- Is it clear enough what this does? How about
>    "System-wide connection"?
> 2. "MAC address:" -- Is this to spoof the MAC (no), or is it to limit
>    the connection to the NIC specified by its MAC here (yes)?
> What about adding bubble help for these? People would have to ask fewer
> questions on mailing lists and forums, right?

Seems I forgot one:

3. In "IPv4 Settings", when I choose "Automatic", shouldn't the below
GUI bits be grayed out? They are grayed out when I choose "Link-Local"
and "Shared to...". For "Automatic with Manual DNS" shouldn't the
"Addresses" field be grayed out?


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