Re: Connect Button

Dan Williams wrote:
On Mon, 2008-07-07 at 19:03 -0400, Stuart D. Gathman wrote:
Dan Williams wrote:
0.7 needs both
the SSID and a scanned BSSID to complete a connection, so just trying to
connect with the SSID will fail.
Hopefully, I'm missing some context on this. Our public library has a hidden SSID for some reason. To connect with NetworkManager currently (Fedora 8), we just enter the SSID in "connect to other network". Hopefully, "just trying to connect with the SSID" will still work in some fashion.

"Connect to other..." doesn't require a seen AP, but you really don't
want to have to do that every single time.  Should only have to happen
once, at which point NM caches the BSSID and life proceeds as normal...
Sounds good.  Just checking that little use case.
What wifi card and driver?
Tested with Broadcom/ndiswrapper/F8, RTL8080(pcmcia)/F8, zd1211rw/EL5, zd1211rw/F8. (I hate Broadcom, but USB/pcmcia replacements are inconvenient, and miniPCI replacements are hard to find.)

Unrelated, but since you're asking about drivers:
I have an rt73usb dongle, but that driver doesn't work. Drops USB connection after a minute. Lots of people on google with same problem. I did report in Fedora bugs. Still broken in F9. Possibly related to usb polling with a kernel parameter workaround to try.

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