Re: Connect Button

On Mon, 2008-07-07 at 15:24 -0400, Grant Williamson wrote:
> Hi,
> are there any plans to add a "Connect" button to NetworkManager 0.7.0 as 
> part of the "Edit Connections " panel?

John W. wondered about that at RH Summit.  I'd rather not do that, but
instead try to fix your use-case by using SSID probe-scanning of hidden

In the ideal case, the admin would have pre-loaded the list of BSSIDs of
the hidden network into GConf and the user wouldn't have to manually
connect via a button, because NM would be able to match up the scanned
BSSIDs with known SSIDs, and thus would auto-connect.  0.7 needs both
the SSID and a scanned BSSID to complete a connection, so just trying to
connect with the SSID will fail.


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