Bugs: lockups, no way to get rid of connection, etc

Running Fedora 9 - there are several severe bugs:
1) (severe) if it is searching and you click again on the icon, it locks up the entire keyboard and you have to shut the machine off 2) (severe) This is really annoying - once a connection is made, there is no way to get rid of it. This could be fixed a couple of ways:
a) a reset / clean settings button
b) don't automatically connect to last setting
c) don't even save the last setting
use case: you try to connect to a wireless node but find out that it is a paid service (ie att at Barnes & Noble) - now you want to connect to your cdma card - you cannot get rid of the wireless connection
3) (moderate) a simple disconnect button (right click does not work on Mac)

ps: the CDMA option addition is nice - thanks whoever added it

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