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Dan Williams wrote:
| On Wed, 2008-07-02 at 11:27 +0100, Robert Piasek wrote:
| Hi,
| For the last couple of days I'm experiencing some strange problems with
| dbus. Pretty often dbus dies with segfault. Ok so what does it have to
| do with networkmanager? Well it happens _only_ when NM is running. The
| problem appeared between around week and two weeks ago (I'm using trunk
| version of NM).
| [kernel] [ 3890.217064] dbus-daemon[6487]: segfault at 7fd9aa16e790 ip
| 7fd9a96d7f62 sp 7fffb1e3b438 error 4 in[7fd9a965c000+14b000]
| > This should never happen; can you file a bug against dbus with the
| > relevant information?  To debug something like this is sort of hard; it
| > involves attaching to dbus with gdb on a VT and making gdb pass a
| > certain set of signals along to process instead of catching them (pipe,
| > chld, term).  Then you wait until all the desktop apps freeze and go to
| > the VT, and get a backtrace from dbus.  Ideally you've installed the
| > debuginfo for dbus and libc as well.  I can provide more information
| > about how to debug this if you are up for it.
Of course I'm up for it. I can recompile dbus and glibc with debug support, but not sure if that's what you meant. I'm using glibc 2.8 snapshot from 2nd of June (without any extra patches) and dbus 1.2.1
| > Basically, any time the bus daemon dies, that's a hard bug.  The bus
| > daemon should _never_ die, no matter what input a process (like NM for
| > example) gives it.
| The only NM logs which are unusual:
| [NetworkManager] <WARN>  killswitch_getpower_reply(): Error getting
| killswitch power: process 22233: arguments to dbus_move_error() were
| incorrect, assertion "(dest) == NULL || !dbus_error_is_set ((dest))"
| failed in file dbus-errors.c line 278. _ This is normally a bug in some
| application using the D-Bus library.
| > This looks like a bug in dbus-glib.  What dbus-glib version do you have
| > installed?  NM is correctly passing a blank error placeholder into the
| > call to dbus_g_proxy_end_call() so the issue is likely in dbus-glib's
| > dbus-to-gerror translation functions.
I'm using dbus-glib 0.76 from
without any extra patches.
| > Dan
| Cheers,
| Rob
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